A Fat Loss Workout: Quick and Simple!

A Fat Loss Workout: Quick and Simple!

Do you''ve time for Fat Loss?

Of course you do! Fat loss can be easily accomplished in 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week. The best part is that it can be done at home, with no equipment. At no cost to you.

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With a proper diet, this routine can help you with a significant amount of fat loss and get you on your way to better overall health. This can all be accomplished from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

For this fat loss routine, plan on working out 20 minutes, three days a week.

What does this routine consist of?

This fat loss routine has 5 different moves performed in a circuit, back to back, without rest. After completing a circuit you''ll rest 30 seconds then begin the next round.

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The circuit is as follows;

1. 20 jumping jacks

2. 30 jumps with imaginary jump rope (or a real one if you''ve it)

3. 30 mountain climbers

4. 60 punch combination that utilizes straight punches, cross punches. The knee

5. 10 squat thrust

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6. Rest 30 seconds, repeat

How do I perform the moves?

The jumping jacks and jump ropes are pretty self-explanatory.

The mountain climbers are performed by starting in the pushup position with your right leg tucked up by your hip. Next you lightly push off the ground with your legs and switch the position of your feet so that your left foot is now tucked up by your hip and your right leg is straight behind you. That’s one repetition.

The punch combination is a four punch, one knee combination. First punch is a straight left. The second punch is a straight right. The third punch is a left cross. The fourth punch is a right cross. And the fifth move is a knee raise, as if you were to hit someone in the groin. Repeat this 5 move combination 12 times for a total of 60 moves.

The squat thrust is performed by standing up right then quickly squatting down and placing your hands-on the ground. you''ll then kick both feet out behind you and land in a pushup position. Quickly kick your feet back toward your hands and stand straight up right again. That’s one repetition.

How do I do the routine?

First, start a stop watch or time your self on a wall clock with a secondhand. Do each move for the specified number of reps, back to back, without rest until you complete all five. Closely note your time and begin a rest period of 30 seconds only. After 30 seconds have passed, begin the circuit again. Keep repeating this cycle for a total of 20 minutes.

Do this fat loss routine 3 days a week and pretty soon you''ll be well on your way to a leaner you!

This is a great routine for fat loss. When combined with a proper diet can really help you get closer to achieving your fat loss goals.

So if you find yourself asking “Do I''ve time for fat loss?”. The answer is a resounding YES!

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