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sport health  Sport Health

What are the features that characterize the house properly?

1. Helps adequate savings to safe drinking water to prevent the spread of gastrointestinal diseases

2. reduces the proper disposal and security of municipal solid waste from the health dangers and help on environmental acceptable life insurance

3. Helps effective drainage of surface water on the control of communicable diseases and damage to homes and property

4. ensure adequate housing and facilities for home personal health

1. the appropriate location of the house and engineered and protect health

2. be suitable dwelling on the psychological and social development of human beings

3. The design must take into account housing ventilation and free of toxic substances in the air

4. Observance of environmental laws and safety in the construction of housing

As they enter his mission in the service of the environment and promotes the health, social and cultural awareness and School biggest role in this scientific as it draws to Olale things students interrelationship through Tsahaham and guiding them to a healthy and sound breeding comes school health at the forefront of school functions, kindergartens, Menen through the provision of health care to build future generations.

School Health: A range of services and health care give to students in order to build a future generation service and school environment and that activate a number of health programs, including prevention and other health programs.

1. Identify shoring reading in a book or a book Health Help for Health

2. diction: used to reach a knowledge

The most important tools used in the direct teaching?

1. threads of life, the most prominent link subject taught by life

3. The use of means of visual or audio in Education

How can the exploitation of non-road directly in health education for pupils?

1. Morning line: infectious diseases may spread in the vicinity of school at this age, and most important of these diseases:

- Diseases transmitted through the digestive system (typhoid Albaratifor polio)

- Diseases transmitted through the skin and which (measles whooping cough false) smallpox

2. Lots and periods of rest and play

The most important thing serve these health services?

1. identify the medical condition and physical pupils

2. Achieve the natural growth of students

4. detection errors, defects and self Naouha whether physical or psychological

The most important thing to help him different tests and complement each other?

2. Note the teacher and continuous Zaúrasahah

3. Akhbarat screening: measuring weight and height

Most important factors that achieved fitness and stimulate vital organs?

1. Acquistion student habits and behavioral trends as love sound system and the safety and security

2. Increase knowledge and information on the composition of the body and how to perform a function

3. pleasure and happiness behind the play in general and satisfaction and followers in teaching skills

5. Increase mental and nervous compatibility and improved internal hardware and increase efficiency

The most important of the Provisions of the general concepts of school health?

1. affects growth and development is influenced by the human body and Odevth

2. predictable sequence of growth and development, but distinct for each individual

3. Prevention and Health Promotion is the responsibility of the individual and the society and the world

4-Amaknyh occurrence of health risk and Alhaodt found whatever the environment

5. There reciprocal relations of human disease and the environment include

The most important therapeutic services, which include the following activities:

1. evaluate the health status of pupils

2. Integration of physical and mental health of students

3. Protection of pupils from infectious diseases

4. Provide a healthy environment and health