30% off Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer

30% off Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer



I have been using Prilosec for about 4 years, doctor recommended. This product is wonderful. If you take one each morning you don''t have to worry about heartburn or acid reflux.


Prilosec starts working since the first dose. I like to prepare spicy meals accompanying them with a glass of red wine every night and Prilosec keeps my heartburn under control.
Definitely I recommend this medicine to anybody who is suffering heartburn and/or acid reflux.


Does anyone have any eperience with Prilosec OTC?

Does it work well? Are there any side effects that you''ve experienced? Is it okay to take another acid reducer (tums) while you''re waiting for it to kick in? Any info would be appriciated.

A: Prilosec is good for now and then heartburn but not for the actual healing of GERD. If you have reflux then it is likely you do have GERD and by far and away Nexium is the drug of choice. It is...

Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer, Delayed-Release Tablets – 42 ea

by Acid Reflux Natural

I ORDERED A ONE YEAR SUPPLY,WHICH WAS APPROX. 365 samples on ebay (ANGELA’S BABY STORE)The advertisement was misleading in that it stated that I was getting factory sealed merchandise. I had a hell of a time getting my $165-refunded. Then I purchased the product again from somebody,whom got the item for free from WALMART,and advertised the same thing,”FACTORY SEALED”. It wasn’t. It was opened samples again!!!

This medicine did not work for me at all. I got all the side effects of itchiness all over the body, headaches, backaches, abdominal pains, without any improvement on my heartburns. I used this medicine for a month and my chronic heartburns got even worse that I could not even sleep at night. My doctor finally switched my medicine to Prevacid, which worked a lot better for me. I bought so many packs of Prilosec (I had to take them twice a day for 2 months) and now it’s going useless.

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