OXYGEN ELEMENTS PLUS (formerly Hydroxygen Plus)

OXYGEN ELEMENTS PLUS (formerly Hydroxygen Plus)

Why do we need supplemental oxygen?

Even scientists are saying the earth''s atmosphere does not contain as much oxygen as in years past. With that in mind, what happens when you sit back and take some deep breaths? Your body begins to relax, right? We all know we need oxygen to breathe in order to live. What happens when you don''t get enough oxygen on a regular continued basis? Toxic carbon monoxide begins to form in the blood cells. As your blood begins to degenerate, the immune system is weakened and disease starts to invade. Remember the saying, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link"? ("The Unmedical Miracle, Oxygen" Elizabeth Baker, published by Drelwood Communications, 1991,pg 19) That saying most assuredly applies to the human body.

Think about your health and your family history. What have been their weak links; kidneys, heart, lungs, the liver, or just those common ailments affecting the immune system? "Disease proliferates where cells receive insufficient oxygen." ("The Unmedical Miracle, Oxygen" pg 31) Anaerobic diseases (those that thrive in a low oxygen environment) are: Cancer, M.S., diabetes, psoriasis, Parkinson''s, AIDS, heart disease, phlebitis, emphysema, etc.

Many of us are aware of the everyday pollution of car exhaust, industry fumes, and cleaning chemicals. Did you know that it takes approximately two years for synthetic fibers (new carpet, furniture, new car leather, new paneling, etc.) to outgas the chemical smells from the synthetically manufactured product? In cities and towns with chlorinated and fluoridated water, they are further depleting the oxygen that once was available from our water supply. Oxygen is our bodies'' sanitation worker. One of its important jobs is to remove the garbage...Oxygen Elements Plus supports this work by helping to provide an oxygen-rich environment.

Oxygen and Cancer. "It was discovered by Doctor Otto Warburg in the 1920''s that can cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic environment and when this environment is flooded with oxygen, these same cancer cells die." ("The Unmedical Miracle, Oxygen" pg. 80) Oxygen in the form of Oxygen Elements Plus may be the FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE for your immune system.

Oxygen and Aging. As our bodies take in less and less oxygen, the vitamin C in the body is not assimilated. This means that the collagen (the glue that holds the cells together) is weakened. Some of the results of this process are tissues becoming flabby, veins and arteries hardening, and the brain deteriorating leaving the possibility for vascular disease and impaired mental functioning.

Oxygen and Addictions. Oxygen can help to remove cravings that lead to addictions for alcohol, caffeine, drugs, nicotine, and food. For those with any of the previously mentioned addictions, you may well be able to return to normal with extra oxygen and a cleansing diet, returning balance to the body. Oxygen Elements Plus not only supplies missing oxygen, but also has cleansing properties.

How our bodies become oxygen deprived. The air we breathe should be at a far greater level than it is currently. Processing destroys oxygen in many of the foods we are offered at the grocery store. Chlorine and fluoride destroy oxygen in our drinking water. Heating fruits, vegetables, roasting nuts and seeds depletes the oxygen. Take control of your health and your life. Oxygen Elements Plus can be your life saver.

"Dr. F.M. Eugene Blass, in 1929 wrote, "Oxygenation is the source of life and health. Impaired oxygenation means disease. Cessation of oxygenation is death." ("The Unmedical Miracle, Oxygen", pg. 85)

Our Oxygen Elements Plus also extends the life of cut flowers, grows more lush, bigger and better plants, and also purifies water for camping and emergency kits.

Oxygen Elements Plus has a patented formula containing the necessary trace elements and enzymes to enter into each and every cell in your body in order to more fully oxygenate and support the healthy workings of your entire system. Join us to purchase this product at wholesale pricing or to become a distributor yourself!

The Unmedical Miracle, Oxygen Elizabeth Baker, published by Drelwood Communications, 1991,pg 19

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Oxygen Elements Plus

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